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 Your character arrives being dumped on their arse in what looks like a well appointed Grand Hotel Room


Soon enough, someone else is plopped right in there with them, and then the room fills with the mega-powerful and restraint shattering aphrodisiac that enters the room like a foggy mist. Don't bother covering your mouth and nose, there's no escape from this billowing silver-grey haze. It only takes a few moments and both hapless 'guests' are in the thrall of extreme passion, which will last - one night. One glorious, exhausting night.

This is the only Rule of the House.

All 'guests' will succumb initially to this forced matchmaking, and ensuing passionate lovemaking.

How they grapple in amour is up to the mutual consent and agreement of the players .. but grapple they must.

And then ... Morning comes.

Everything changes. Every. Thing.

Where two people were desperate to come together, now they are in a completely different mindset. Alas, the effect of the drug, a terrible after effect! Perhaps there will now be a desire for murder on the part of one or both, or a simple distaste, or a loss of all memory for one - or both. Anything can happen the morning after, and it will. The only thing certain is that all the passion of the night before, in all its artificially induced glory, is all faded away ...

What will happen, when you take the plunge, and have your magical night here?

Will you awaken to a blade at your throat, or in it? Weapons seem to arrive out of nowhere, as if to appease the bloodlust of some strange god or demons ..  yet you never are more than a mere mortal here, no enhanced powers, no matter how well armed you become against your now loathed foe.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you.

No one dies here.

You may be mortally wounded, but there will be no sweet release of death for you or your unhappy partner. There's one way out ..  and for that, you must both force yourselves to commit to one last joining .. which will immediately take you away to freedom and your normal life once more - but can you do it? How will you know to do so, since you are both sickened or worse by the sight of one another?

And that's why so many here .. 'decide' to never leave.

Feel free to start your arrival in your Room in a new post, each of you, any way you wish, and then all you need to do is await your partner.

Enjoy your stay.



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